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Pike Fishing - The Practice And The Passion by Mick Brown

Pike Fishing - The Practice And The Passion by Mick Brown

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To succeed in any branch of fishing, the angler requires two vital essentials: knowledge of his quarry and the best methods for catching it, and the inspiration to endure endless hours of cold and inactivity in the pursuit of his goal. This book provides both. All aspects and methods of pike fishing are covered: live-baiting, dead-baiting, lure fishing, river fishing, and piking in all types of stillwater; and since the book is divided into the months of the yea4 each method is adapted to take account of seasonal conditions.

Mick Brown is widely recognized as one of the most prolific and versatile pike anglers in Great Britain today. In Pike Fishing: The Practice and the Passion, he has combined a lifetime's knowledge and expertise with his infectious enthusiasm for the sport, to produce a book that not only tells how to catch pike, but compels the reader to go and do so. For the novice piker, there is a treasure trove of knowledge and advice; for the expert, there are scores of tips for refining technique and, ultimately, for putting more fish on the bank.

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