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The Versatile Gundog Training HPRs for Gun, Rifle and Hawk by Guy Wallace

The Versatile Gundog Training HPRs for Gun, Rifle and Hawk by Guy Wallace

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In this practical and easy-to-follow guide for novice owners of Hunter Pointer Retriever breeds, Guy Wallace sets out a step-by-step training programme that not only takes account of the special characteristics of HPRs but also allows for the great variation of temperament, character and ability of individual dogs.

Guy Wallace discusses the history and origins of the different HPR breeds and gives advice on what makes each particular breed special. He follows with practical advice on choosing a puppy, actually buying one and coping with the all-important formative months prior to serious training. He continues with the basic training which the author stresses must be 110% correct before going on to 'the more interesting stuff'. Hunting, pointing and retrieving are covered in great detail with the emphasis on preventing mistakes which can be difficult to rectify. There are comprehensive chapters on training for falconry and deerstalking, in which Guy Wallace is particularly interested; breeding, competitions, Field Trials and the merits of professional training are a few of the many subjects that are also fully discussed.

Guv Wallace holds the forthright views of an experienced professional trainer who has trained and handled several hundred pointing dogs. His book is a helpful and no-nonsense approach to training HPRs for work in the field. It is written with a touch of humour which will be appreciated by even the most harassed gundog trainer.

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