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Advanced Terminal Rigs - Rob Maylin & Friends

Advanced Terminal Rigs - Rob Maylin & Friends

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Not a beginner's guide, Advanced Terminal Rigs is the definitive encyclopaedia of today's hi tech carp rigs, so don't expect any floating crust or luncheon meat rigs in these pages.

There were two main reasons for this book: Firstly to explain in easy step-by-step photographs how to tie all of today's sometimes overcomplicated end rigs, and secondly, and most importantly, how to tie 'safe'. environmentally friendly rigs, something that in mv opinion was desperately needed in today's fast fishing carp scene.

Anyone can tie a rig - but sometimes making it safe for the carp takes a little more care. With this book, complicated rigs will become simple to understand and to tie, and death rigs will be no more!

There are a number of writers in this book, each chosen for his particular expertise. I wrote the mag-aligner chapters of course, whilst Martin Pick covered zig rigs, Craig Law divulged his floater fishing secrets, Simon Atkinson takes the strain out of weed fishing, Mick Krassos and Dave Magalhaes covered snags and silt, Matt Eaton covered pop-ups, whilst John Claridge, George Loughlin, Nick Burrage and I covered the rest.

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