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Carp Fishing Advanced Tactics by Simon Crow

Carp Fishing Advanced Tactics by Simon Crow

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CATCHING CARP is easy if you fish easy waters but if you take the next step up and tackle the more difficult lakes and rivers the situation is substantially different. In such waters carp can test the capabilities of any angler, including those who have vast experience and skill. Carp are cunning, unpredictable and without question amongst the toughest freshwater fish in the world to catch. As the popularity of carp fishing grows, the level of thinking needed to stay one step ahead of the rest is pushed to the limit. The modern-day angler needs modern-day ideas, techniques and equipment if he is to be successful.

If you have grasped the basics of catching carp and are looking to further your knowledge and skills, then this is the book for you. Written by one of the most respected carp anglers of the modern era, Carp Fishing Advanced Tactics is packed full of useful tips and. the very latest information, and guides you through the tactics and level of thinking needed to outwit the toughest carp in the land. Without question, this book is essential reading for all serious carp anglers.

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