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Cassine.... and Beyond by Steve Briggs

Cassine.... and Beyond by Steve Briggs

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For many people carp fishing becomes an obsession, a way of life almost, and that was how it was for Steve from an early age. But it was when he travelled down to Lake Cassien for the first time that he knew his life would never be the same again!

This book concentrates on one of the worlds most famous lakes and Steve's attempts to catch some of the prized inhabitants from its great depths since the days just after its discovery through to the time of finishing this book. But success at Cassien opened up a whole new world of possibilities and Steve was quick to grasp the opportunity to travel around the world and to other great waters in search of big carp.

With carp fishing you never know what is just around the corner. Periods of despair can be followed by moments of intense excitement and that is all reflected in the pages that follow. It is a true-to-life account of the fishing, the friendships, the discoveries and of course some of the carp that Steve has encountered since that first trip to Cassien in 1986.

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