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Complete Guide to Ferrets by James McKay

Complete Guide to Ferrets by James McKay

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The subject of countless music hall and bad-taste jokes; the ferret is a much maligned and misunderstood animal. Far from being the nasty, spiteful. untrustworthy, dirty animal that some would have us believe, the ferret is clean, intelligent, and will never bite the hand of a caring owner.

As a pet, the ferret is just as friendly as any cat could ever be, as faithful as any dog, and more interesting than any rodent or cage bird. As a working animal, the ferret shines out, as this is what nature intended for the animal. Anyone - man, woman or child - who owns and works ferrets is guaranteed sport without equal, not to mention a regular supply of good, healthy meat from the rabbits which working ferrets will hunt with such vigour.

Complete Guide to Ferrets is designed to ensure that everyone who has an interest in these delightful and under-rated animals is given all of the most up-to-date information available, and that every, aspect of ferrets and ferreting is fully explained to all readers. There is advice on housing and equipment, feeding, handling, training, breeding, showing, ferret racing, working and ailments. A glossary of terms and details of useful organisations in the UK, US and Europe are also included.

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