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Fly-Fishing for Bonefish by Chico Fernandez

Fly-Fishing for Bonefish by Chico Fernandez

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Bonefish - the ghost of the flats - is the dream catch for many warm-water anglers, the fish anglers practice for and study extensively before tacking a trip to the flats. The silvery bonefish, with its speed and chameleon-like camouflage, is the holy grail of flats fishing.

Much of the joy of bonefishing is in the search for the fish on long stretches of blue water, enjoying the warm breezes of the flats, and catching glimpses of the other marine species and flats vegetation.To help you prepare for taking your first bonefish or to equip you to take more, there's no author or guide who can teach about fly-fishing for bonefish better than Chico Fernandez, fly fisherman, fly tier, writer, and angling consultant who has earned his living fishing since the 1970s

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