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Fox Control by Sean Frain

Fox Control by Sean Frain

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Fox Control is a book that will be of interest to anyone with even a passing interest in this fascinating creature, for this is a book as much about the fox as it is about hunting them and controlling their numbers.

Throughout the book, Sean Frain emphasises the need for responsible control of fox populations rather than the needless slaughter of large numbers which is both cruel and unnecessary. The reasons why control is necessary and the most effective, selective and humane methods are discussed. The book conrains a chapter which looks at fox control within the new English, Welsh and Scottish laws. The problem of urban foxes and how to deal with them is also covered.

Sean Frain's book highlights the need for the hunter to show respect for his quarry whilst at the same time carrying out necessary controls. It is based very much on current conservation attitudes.

Written in an anecdotal and informative style, Fox Control looks at all of the most popular methods of controlling the fox population.

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