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Grouse Shooting by David Hudson

Grouse Shooting by David Hudson

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The red grouse is unquestionably the most sought after game bird in Great Britain and arguably in the rest of the world too. Driven grouse shooting will tax the abilities of even the most experienced Shots while shooting grouse over birddogs goes back to the days of flintlock muzzle-loaders and epic journeys by coach and rail to reach the moors of Northern England and Scotland.

Grouse Shooting is both a practical guide to taking part in the pursuit of the red grouse and a celebration of this most challenging and evocative of field sports. The book considers the development of grouse shooting and the natural history of the grouse, moorland management and the work of the grouse keeper as well as looking in depth at the three methods of grouse shooting walking up, driving and shooting over dogs.

There is guidance on the choice of guns, ammunition, clothing and equipment for all forms of the sport with sound, practical advice to enable the Gun to get the maximum enjoyment from his sport whether tramping miles over the moor following a pointer or standing in a butt quivering with anticipation as the first covey of the season glides across the heather towards him.

Fully illustrated with the author's own photographs this book will appeal not only to those fortunate enough to shoot grouse but to moorland keepers, shoot owners, beaters and pickers-up everywhere and to anyone who loves those wide open hills and moorlands where the wild red grouse may still be found.

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