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One Last Cast - Rob Maylin

One Last Cast - Rob Maylin

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The title might suggest that this is Rob's last offering, and that not only is he hanging up the rods, but also his pen. However, nothing could be further from the truth, and the author suggests you adopt the 'glass half full' frame of mind when reading the title, which actually infers that there will always be time for one last cast!

The follow-on from Bazil's Bush, One Last Cast transports us to the morning after Bazil, sixteen years ago, and takes the reader on a journey through Rob's fishing life until 2009.

The autobiographical volume written by Rob, now in his fifties, not only covers a host of famous venues, containing the country's most sought after specimens, but also in-depth advice about all the little edges that have seen Rob catch consistently for over forty years on the country's most testing waters.

This, Rob's fifth book, is destined to become another 'must read' for today's carp angler.

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