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Perch Contemporary Days and Ways - John Bailey & Roger Miller

Perch Contemporary Days and Ways - John Bailey & Roger Miller

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Devastated by disease in the 1970s, perch are gradually recolonising their former domains. and anglers are once again looking to the waters for this species. Inspired by the new enthusiasm, John Bailey and Roger Miller have combined to produce this, the first major study of the perch.

The authors present a brief history of the perch disease, known as Aeromonas, before describing successful perch fishine trips of the 1980s. They demonstrate quire clearly the existence of perch in many kinds of waters, and explain how best to apply modern angling techniques in perch fishing. A chapter is devoted ro each fishery and there are sections on the use of fish recorders and choice of rigs and tackles.

Fully illustrated with photographs and explanatory diagrams, Perch - Contemporary Days and Ways is a must for all perch fishermen.

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