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Rapala Legendary Fishing Lures by John E Mitchell

Rapala Legendary Fishing Lures by John E Mitchell

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Lure fishing, and fly fishing are the two varieties of fishing that are commonly practised around the world, and it is in lure fishing that the name of Rapala has become synonymous with research, development and superior quality.

Lauri Rapala, the founder of the Rapala empire, was born into poverty in a small Finnish village in 1905. He made a living by farm working and fishing. selling his fish at the village market.

To commemorate the centenary of his birth, Rapala VMC Corporation is proud to publish this book, which details Lauri's life together with that of his family. The formation of the company is traced from the carving of Lauri's first successful lure in 1935 to the multi-national operation that it is today.

It is a story of hardship and wealth, of success and failure, and of amazing coincidences, and of how the efforts of a poor Finnish farm worker and fisherman to feed his family, laid the foundations of the greatest lure manufacturing company in the world.

In addition to this incredible story the book contains up to date specifications of all current Rapala lures together with fishing tips from Rapala pro fishermen around the world.

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