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Tackling Carp With Chilly Chillcott

Tackling Carp With Chilly Chillcott

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Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott is a legend in the world of carp fishing and in this book he passes onto the reader his knowledge and love of the sport.

Whilst this is a technical book on carp fishing and some of the material is quite advanced, it is lan’s intention to make sure that the basics are fully covered. He explains why certain types of tackle and equipment should be used and outlines the development of tackle and tactics.

The author begins with a brief history of carp angling and includes many of the dramatic changes and events that have shaped the sport into what is has become today. The section on tackle covers rods, reels, line, luggage, shelters (including bed chairs and sleeping bags), landing nets, unhooking mats, leader, leads, lead attachments, hooklinks, hooks etc, etc ……

With its comprehensive text and explanatory photographs, Tackling Carp is an indispensable guide for both the beginner and the more experienced carp fisher.

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