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The Carp Years by Tony Miles

The Carp Years by Tony Miles

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This is a book about Tony's love of carp I fishing, and how that love has grown over the last forty years, since his first ever carp capture in 1967. It does not pretend to be an instructional book, although there is plenty of useful information within these pages, but it does certainly hope to be inspirational. Tony takes us through the early years on various waters, until that magical day in 1984 when he caught his first twenty pounder. The next target, a thirty pounder, follows in1996 and then, in 2003, the first forty pounder. As well as that, a trip to France results in an unforgettable encounter with a 58lb monster.

Within these pages, Tony invites you to look back with him over a lifetime's carp fishing, and share the highs and lows, the disappointments and successes, and some of the lighter moments along the way. This is a book you will not want to put down. Tony's graphic writing will transport you to the banks of windswept gravel pits and atmospheric, secluded estate lakes. It will make you tingle with anticipation as an alarm screeches out its warning, and make the hairs on your neck bristle as you read the account of the spooky happenings on the banks of Redmire Pool. And it will allow you to share in the sheer euphoria as another huge carp is sagely engulfed in the landing net.

Little Egret Press are privileged and delighted that Tony has agreed to share his experiences of a lifetime of carp fishing within these pages. This will be followed, in 2007 ,by a further work outlining nearly fifty years of fishing the Great Ouse. Both of these new books, we confidently predict, will attain the same cult status as Tony's previous books.

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