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The Great Modern Pike Anglers Barrie Rickards and Malcolm Bannister

The Great Modern Pike Anglers Barrie Rickards and Malcolm Bannister

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The last half century has seen the greatest revolution in pike  fishing for several hundred years and pike anglers are now able to catch larger pike, in Greater numbers, than ever before. The Great Modern Pike Anglers examines all of the Barrie Rickards discoveries in pike fishing techniques that have taken place since 1950. lt discusses how and why, new approaches developed and who was responsible for the breakthroughs. Comprehensive in its coverage, the book considers everything from the laid-back approach of both of the authors to the highly focused style of Nige Williams and Dave Horton, and the impressive catches of that inventor extraordinaire, Eddie Turner. lt also encompasses the superb pike recorded by Bill Giles, Neville Fickling, Phil Pearson, Dave Overy, Mick Brown, Derrick Amies, Derek McDonald and many others.

Pike angling is carried out on a wide range of waters, all of which are covered by this remarkable volume, be they big gravel pits, rivers of all sizes, fen drains, trout waters, small lakes, or enormous natural lakes and reservoirs. The Creat Modern Pike Anglers considers all aspects of piking and is packed with information to enable pike anglers to improve their fishing methods and their catches. No modern pike angler can afford to be without this invaluable book.

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