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The Pigeon Cook by J.C. Hobson & Philip Watts

The Pigeon Cook by J.C. Hobson & Philip Watts

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The Pigeon Cook is an invaluable reference work for all game cooks, it includes some mouth-watering recipes both for the woodpigeon and the domesticated pigeon.

The authors have thoroughly researched their subject and provided culinary ideas that combine traditional British rural recipes with those from abroad. They have visited award-winning chefs and rural estates and, fortunately, many of these experts have been prepared to share their secrets.

Not only does The Pigeon Cook reveal the ideas of some of this country's top chefs, it also includes vital accompaniments such as trimmings and sauces. Suitable salads are not forgotten and neither are the wines and aperitifs that are particularly appropriate as accompaniments to pigeon and which transform a meal into a special occasion.

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