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Trout and Salmon Flies of Scotland by Stan Headley

Trout and Salmon Flies of Scotland by Stan Headley

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Scotland has a proud tradition of flytying. Many famous patterns have Scottish origins and are regularly used by fishermen throughout the world.

Some of the flies are classics from the Victorian age: Jock Scott, Thunder & Lightning, Green Highlander, Logie; others have become equally famous in the twentieth century: General Practitioner, Garry Dog, Ally's Shrimp, Willie Gunn, Hairy Mary, Munro Killer, Peter Ross, Kate Mclaren, Ke-He, Mallard & Claret.

There are also Scottish flies with evocative names associated with particular places: Loch Ordie, Camasunary Killer, Dunkeld, Findhorn Killer, Machair Claret. And then there are the variations on familiar themes: Matson's Pennell, Leven Butcher, Dunkeld Muddler, Mcleod's Olive.

Less familiar Scottish patterns will be of interest to anglers wanting to keep abreast of the latest developments: Clan Chief, Aberdeen Angus, Broon Thing, Fast Eddie, Kylie and Muddy McGregor. In all cases, Stan provides the dressing, invaluable tips on how to fish the flies, and a photo of the fly itself.

This useful book is about the contemporary fishing flies - both native and imported - that work for anglers in Scotland today.

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