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Zander Fishing A Complete Guide - Mark Barrett

Zander Fishing A Complete Guide - Mark Barrett

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ZANDER, or pike-perch as they are sometimes called, have been shrouded in controversy ever since they were first introduced into Britain's rivers and drains in 1963.

They were soon blamed for the decline in fish stocks in the Fens, where they were initially introduced, and they came to be regarded by many as foreign and unwanted interlopers. As a result, they were culled and in some places this practice continues today. Notwithstanding this, forty years after they were introduced, zander have spread from the Fens to the Warwickshire Avon, the West Midlands canals, the Severn, the Thames, the Trent and elsewhere. Moreover, today they are widely accepted and, indeed, are regarded by many anglers as being almost a cult fish. This transformation in the fortunes of the zander has been accompanied by the appearance of an ever-growing group of enthusiastic anglers who now spend their time in pursuit of this enigmatic predator.

Little is known, or has been written about, the country's newest predator fish and therefore the appearance of this comprehensive, fascinating and up-to-date book is long overdue and will be widely welcomed throughout the angling community. In Zander Fishing - A Complete Guide, Mark Barrett and several other leading zander anglers reveal the secrets of where and how to catch zander. All the major British waters are covered and there are vivid accounts of the capture of some remarkable fish as well as interesting descriptions of a number of calamities.

This authoritative, entertaining and informative book is essential reading for all those anglers who are interested in zander fishing.

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